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Month 3 (Spring), Year 1

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Official Opening + Caribou Migration

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    When To Use Fog Lights?
    When To Use Fog Lights?
    Some drivers opt to turn fog lights on even when there is the slightest bit of mist. However, it is not a reason enough to switch them on. Drivers must know when and when not to use their vehicle's fog lights. They are ideally meant to be used in a situation where visibility is restricted. This could be due to fog.
    Alternatively, you can use them when heavy rain or snow causes poor visibility conditions. It is worth mentioning here that fog lights are designed to make your vehicle more visible rather than lighting up the area in front of your car.
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    Moreover, drivers should understand that fog lights should be used only when your car's headlights are not enough to make you visible to other people using the road.
    Although fog lights are quite an advantageous extra tool, they do not make drivers invincible. Aside from that, drivers should slow down and maintain a good distance to other vehicles when they can't see very far ahead.
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    Clear Background Image
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