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Full Version: What is software testing ?
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Testing is the act of making objective decisions with respect to the degree to which the framework (gadget) meets, surpasses, or neglects to meet expressed targets What is the motivation behind testing? There are two major motivations behind testing: checking obtainment particulars and, more importantly, overseeing risk. In the first place, testing is tied in with checking that what was determined was conveyed: it checks that the item (framework) meets the useful, execution, plan, and execution prerequisites recognized in the acquisition details. Second, testing is tied in with overseeing risk for both the obtaining office and the framework's seller/engineer/integrator. The testing program is utilized to recognize when the work has been "finished" so the agreement can be shut, the seller paid, and the framework moved by the organization into the guarantee and upkeep period of the undertaking.

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Hello! As a project manager of the company, I was interested to hear your thoughts on what software testing is))