Perceus Zenatos

Percy, Perce


STR: 4 (+1) — WIS: 5 — CON: 5 — CHA: 6 (+1)


Persuasion (+1 CHA in socializing), Insight (+1 WIS in socializing)

Slim but lean and packed with athletic, sinewy muscle, Percy is an excellent huntsman and tracker. He's liver colored with brown spotting and a mud colored nose, his hazel eyes rimmed with pinkish waterlines. His fur is coarse and rough to the touch, with a beard conquering his muzzle in a rugged fashion.

Percy had a considerably normal life, raised by a loving mother and father, but his father was a bit too loving. (Probably where he got it from) The man would incessantly hover over his sisters and mother, making them anxious about stepping outside of their comfort zone and unable to do things themselves. Eventually, his sisters forced independence upon themselves, tiring of being treated like children well into their adulthood, and Percy was left to his own devices.

He wanders alone now, going nowhere in particular, but knowing that there are others out there who need companionship, and seeks it out for the benefits of survival.

  • calm
  • intelligent
  • perceptive
  • thoughtful
  • capable
  • loyal
  • eloquent
  • generous
  • bold
  • enigmatic
  • aloof
  • arrogant
  • jealous
  • possessive
  • slightly sexist

Percy is the strong, silent type, but he's also more of the brains rather than the brawn. He values intelligence and thoughtful negotiations over physical strength and confrontations, preferring to keep to the sidelines and observe, but he's not fearful of stepping in when his voice is needed. He's fiercely protective of those he surrounds himself with, maybe even possessively, and is known to hover at times when he pities someone or finds them too weak to defend themselves. He's easily jealous of those who have what he does not, and may be rather cold in response.

He tries, but he often comes off as rather toxic. It's kind of hard to tell what he's thinking most of the time, he could be a well-spoken, generous diplomat one moment, and an arrogant snake the next. He is, however, a valuable ally, loyal to a fault and willing to pull his weight for the greater good.

Breed — Retriever
Gordon Setter 30%, German Wirehaired Pointer 50%, Flat-Coated Retriever 20%

Genotype — atat bb Ssp Trt

Phenotype — Liver Tan Points with Piebald and Roaning

Ears — Floppy

Tail — Long

Coat — Wirehair

Eye Color — Hazel

Height — 25 in.

Weight — 70 lbs

Appearance Notes

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Siblings — Lena ♀, Demetra ♀, Selene ♀





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