Stroud Blackwood


STR: 6 — WIS: 4 — CON: 6 — CHA: 4


Survival, Endurance

Stroud was never told where he was snatched up from or who it was that spawned him, the bandits that stole him didn't tell him much other than to start hunting as soon as he shed his milk teeth. Life in their group was routine, but brutal and unforgiving - Stroud had to follow a strict regimen if he didn't want to add another bruise to his back. There were many other pups in the group that were stolen to be forced feed the thieves, many of them too weak to cut it in that environment and subsequently dying. However, one pup stood out from the rest, a boy that was strong and hearty and an absolutely immovable object from even his youngest, Malcolm Thorne.

For their first few months, Stroud and Malcolm competed ruthlessly to get a better cut than the other, until an incident where Malcolm was under the threat of punishment for not scrounging up enough to eat in the dead of winter forced Stroud to jump to his aid. The winter was hard, Stroud reasoned, not a lot of prey to be found, even for him. That seemed to convince them, and Malcolm was eternally grateful, changing his mind about the other boy.

After that incident, the two were inseparable, and Stroud has never known another wolf that he would gladly lay down his life for. Despite barely scraping by in their teens with meager rations and gruesome work, the two bulked up by the time they reached adulthood and lost their patience for the bandits - who foolishly trusted them and invited them to raid another pack. Instead, Stroud and Malcolm used this small window of opportunity to overthrow them and make them regret loosening the chains. They freed any enslaved pups and parted ways before the rest of the group came to tear them apart - but promised if they ever crossed paths again, they would stick together. They're brothers after all.

Stroud hasn't seen Malcolm in years, and has kept to himself, employing the skills he was forced to learn as a pup to survive out in the wild. He hopes to find his friend again, and often wonders how he's doing - if he's got a lady with pups of his own now or if he's even still alive.

  • hearty
  • willful
  • responsible
  • calm
  • loyal
  • flirtatious
  • pacifist
  • blunt
  • realistic
  • honest
  • stubborn
  • insensitive
  • judgmental
  • sarcastic
  • vulgar

Stroud is a... Realist. Annoyingly so. He's a busy man with little time to ponder over life's pleasant lies, but he pities those who do, and takes it upon himself to defend them diligently. They're soft and vulnerable in his eyes, so he sees it as his duty to keep them alive.

Stroud is also a serial heartbreaker, and hits on others for sport. He isn't as much of a casanova as he was in his boyhood, but he's still got that fire in him - it's even grown hotter as he's matured. However, it's less of an impulsive as it is a response to similar behavior by another, Stroud would rather string up his tongue than suffer the embarrassment of hitting on someone that's really not interested.

He can be frustratingly blunt and will easily disregard your feelings to tell you the honest truth if it benefits the situation. However, if it's with someone he has deep affection for, he'll normally keep it to himself to preserve their relationship. Stroud is a pacifist after all, and prefers to avoid conflict that'll be detrimental to his livelihood if at all possible.

Breed — Pastoral
German Shepherd 49%, Siberian Husky 31%, Doberman 20%

Genotype — awat Eme

Phenotype — masked wolfgray

Ears — Perked

Tail — Long

Coat — Double

Eye Color — Multi

Height — 28 in.

Weight — 95 lbs.

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Mate(s)Unknown Female (x), Solveig Ivardottir (x)

via ???

  • Nadia Blackwood
via Solveig
  • Julien Stroudsson
  • Snaefrid Strouddottir
  • Yrsa Strouddottir


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Malcolm Thorne (best friend + ally)

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Current Rank — Rogue

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