Symphony Allegro

Symph, Nymph, Symphie


STR: 6 — WIS: 9 — CON: 6 — CHA: 1


Dexterity (+1 STR in hunting), Perception (+1 WIS in socializing)

“Wolves asleep amidst the trees,

Bats all a-swaying in the breeze,

But one soul lies anxious wide awake,

Fearing all manner of ghouls, hags and wraiths.“

-Blood and Wine, Witcher 3. Blood and Wine DLC Soundtrack

Symphony is small, slight, and unassuming. She’s still young, but is as filled out as she will ever be. True to form, she’s built for speed, true speed, as well as sharp turns and wide open spaces where she can cross them in a matter of minutes to catch what she’s after. Her short, sleek coat clings to her in shades of orangish brown, with a pumpkin sort of color as her skin tone. Her piebald coats half of her face, up to her right ear, and socks all four of her paws and the tip of her long tail. She will never be a bulky dog, and will always be slight and thin, with discerning green making up the color of her eyes.

Mommy left in the middle of the night,

Daddy died in the middle of a fight,

Sister decided to run away,

Symphony was alone to live another day

Full History Locked.

Won't you take me home?

Give me wings to fly

We could run away

Castle in the sky

-Castle, Clarx and Harddope

Paranoid, Cautious, Jumpy, Shy, Kind, Awkward, Quiet, Loving, Clumsy, Rather Suspicious, Jumps to conclusions, Lonely

A young woman who never learned other dogs could be friends. Trips over herself a lot, especially with her words. Stutters, repeats herself, and often, if she notices she’s doing any of the above, will lapse into silence. Paranoia runs deep, and she spends most of her time fleeing interaction. The way to her heart is through her stomach. Despite her shyness, she is very kind to those who get to know her. She has a tendency to get worked up and jump to conclusions far out of range of the possible.

Above all else, she is tired, perhaps, of being alone.

Won't you take me home and give me wings to fly

We can be alone in the castle in the sky

We can run away and leave this world behind

Please just take me home to a castle in the sky

Castle in the sky

Breed — Hound
50% Greyhound, 25% Ibizan Hound, 25% Pharaoh Hound

Genotype — AyAy bb ee ii Ssp

Phenotype — Liver Recessive Red w/ Piebald

Ears — Perked

Tail — Long

Coat — Sleek

Eye Color — Green

Height — 14 inches

Weight — 22 pounds

Appearance Notes

Fullbody Image Reference

Mother — Adagio

Father — Crescendo

Siblings — Treble

Grandparents — Unknown to her




Other Family — Aunt Melody


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Played By — Box


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