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Month 3 (Spring), Year 1

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Official Opening + Caribou Migration

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    Packs, Traveling Bands, and Land Claiming

    Breeding, Pregnancy, and Pups


    1. After their first 50 posts, and if they have at least 1 dog in agreement to join them, your character can create a pack. The laws and ranks are entirely up to you.

    2. For new members, you must have been in the RP for 2 IRL weeks and your character must have at least 70 posts to start a pack, 30 posts to join a pack. Your character can still travel with other rogues and be featured on the traveling bands roster, though.

    3. Your character must be at least 7 months to start a pack and travel with other dogs.

    Traveling Bands

    1. Bands are a non-commital alternative to packs, but without the benefit of ranks and group names. Bands are usually rogues that don't want to join a pack, but want to stick together, such as a small family, siblings, or friends.

    2. Traveling bands are mostly nomadic, though they can claim land, just at the risk of being chased out by packs.

    3. To update the Traveling Bands page, visit this thread and submit your update.

    Land Claiming

    1. You can claim another square of land with every 5 completed threads in which your character(s) mark that particular square of land.

    2. You do NOT have to claim land if you have a pack/band, not all canine packs stay in one place for prolonged periods of time unless they're raising pups. Land claiming is fully optional and there are no penalties for packs/bands that don't have a territory.

    3. You can claim a maximum of 10 squares, this safeguard is in place as to not claim up all available land.

    4. Rogues can claim land, the same requirements for packs apply to rogues, but it will be difficult to protect it from packs that outnumber them.

    5. Your character must be at least 12 months to claim land without a pack.

    6. You can remove or add a square of land by replying to this thread letting us know you've abandoned it, the map will be updated accordingly.

    7. Ways in which you can claim land...

    - Scent marking (urine, rubbing)

    - Vocalizing (howling, barking)

    - Basic presence (sitting around and talking, hunting, playing)

    Skirmishes and War

    1. Skirmishes involve small fights between rivalling packs or pack dogs and rogues. The reasoning behind the conflict could be trespassing, or stealing anything ranging from food to actual packmates and pups.

    2. Wars involve full on assaults from one pack to another in a huge battle for dominance, the reasoning behind the conflict varies, but it's a good way to take land from a pack that's right next to the other. Depending on the outcome of the battle, dogs will either take land, protect it, or go home with nothing. Each army can only have up to 10 dogs on either side.

    10 = 1 dog that lives after a battle

    - 10/100: The first pack loses its land and the other can seize it.

    - 50/60: Neither pack wins and the first pack losts its land.

    - 100/10: The first pack keeps their land and the other loses.

    3. Only after 5 threads can your characters attempt another assault on a pack or fight to get their square of land back.