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Month 3 (Spring), Year 1

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Official Opening + Caribou Migration

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    1 square = 5 miles

    1. How do use the map. All locations must fall under a coordinate on the map, and to figure out the coordinates, you need the top row of numbers and the row of numbers at the side. Depending on what square the location is at, it'll coordinate with a number, the top row number is displayed first, then the side row number. (Ex. The Mines are located on 37-85, 37 being the number on the top row and 85 being the number on the side row.)

    2. Subarea and location creation. The map has been left pretty sparce to encourage exploration. You're free to create subareas/locations so long as you provide reference images for the location, and so long as it makes sense for the part in the map.* While you don't have to base every name off of the Yukon area, names should at least be in English. (Ex. of subareas; The Town, The Mines. Ex. of locations; Elias Lowland, Blackburn River)

    * Images should have some sort of tundra/mountainous appearance to it. For example, rivers don't look the same everywhere, so make sure you get a picture of a river in the tundra or a mountainous area.

    3. To update the map with land claims and subareas, go here.

    4. (Copied+pasted from the rules page.) Your character is not allowed to jump all over the map, they should reasonably travel through each location in the map as they would normally. At a trotting speed, your character can clear one square (5 miles), and at a running speed, they can clear 6 squares (30 miles). Remember that your dog might also run out of stamina and need rest, so be realistic!


    • Glacial Remnants - A flat, rocky plain scratched and scarred by the retreat of an ancient glacier, which once dragged stone across its surface to create the primordial gouges we see today.
    • West Peaks - Tall mountains that act as stony sentinels over everything, proudly claiming the title of the tallest peaks in the valley.
    • Elias Lowlands - The remnants of a mass landslide, creating a sort of smaller river valley below.
    • River Valley - A mostly flat, grassy plain dotted by groves of trees, cut apart by all the creeks that stem from the river.
    • Blackburn River - A winding river that scars the valley with water. True to its namesake, the riverbed is dark, possibly from coal.
    • Emerald Slopes - Tranquil mountains covered in a seemingly endless blanket of fir trees.


    • The Town (32-72, 33-73, 34-71, 32-70, 32-71, 33-71, 33-70) - Rusted shacks and rotting wooden buildings are still neatly lined up in rows out here, the human smell long since faded from its foundation. It's close to the river, and some of the buildings have stood the test of time, so there might still be something of a home here.
    • The Mines (36-85) - A dangerous, unstable mineshaft drained of its coal, all that's left there are rusted minecarts, pickaxes, and cobwebs. It's an eerie and cold place, with mysterious sounds conjuring up all sorts of frightening ideas... Some say, that whistling sound is actually the taunting tune of the Devil.