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Month 3 (Spring), Year 1

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Official Opening + Caribou Migration

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    1. MUS is rated 3-2-3. Graphic and sensitive content is permitted, * but respecting one another's boundaries is important. The mature nature of the RP isn't its main focal point, but for safety members still must be 18+ to join.

    * All of the below applies to IC behavior, see Rule 2-6 under this section for further requirements on OOC conduct.

    - Language: Swearing and mature language is permitted. This includes slurs, offensive vulgar language, and abusive language, but it must be tagged properly.

    - Sexual Content: Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations. This includes sexual attraction, foreplay, and non-graphic touching, but you MUST fade to black or have the thread moved to the mature board as soon as it gets explicit.

    - Violence: Explicit violence is permitted. This includes graphic descriptions of gore, killing, death, and abuse, but it must be tagged properly.

    2. Respect. Do take into consideration the feelings of those around you, and be considerate. In the same vein, while venting/light complaining about character interactions is permitted OOC, you’re not to personally take out your frustration on the person behind the screen. This is not real life, and if something does not go your way you’re certainly welcome to roleplay in private. As well, do not pressure someone into something if they express discomfort, that will be counted as powerplaying and punished.

    3. Discrimination. Discrimination of any kind, including race, gender, religion, and sexuality is forbidden. While IC bigotry is permitted due to it being fictional, harrassing another player outside of roleplay is a bannable offense.

    4. Age faking. Minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to join MUS due to its potentially graphic/sensitive nature, if you're found to be faking your age to join, you will be banned instantly.

    5. Warning system. On MUS, we have a one warning, three strike system. If you violate a rule, you’ll be warned once, but if you offend again, you’ll have a strike placed on your account for 1 calendar year. If you offend again after your 3rd strike, you'll be banned.

    6. Trust policy. To keep our membership comfortable and safe, the staff of MUS have employed a trust policy to safeguard against victim harrassment or public shaming. There's a rule among moderators and admins that if you violate a member's trust in one way or another, you'll have your staff rights revoked. Confidentiality, privacy, and your trust are very important to us, so we encourage you to report bad behavior from staff members if you see it, we don't play favorites.

    7. The tagging system. While most explicit content is permitted, we ask that you use proper posting tags and update the thread as soon as it becomes mature. Once a post becomes descriptive it'll get an explicit tag and be moved to a private board.

    - Specific Tags: Go to here for a list of tags. If uncertain, use the sensitive/graphic themes tag and leave a note explaining what the reader should be aware of.


    1. Bad RP. Abusive RP tactics that will garner a warning, try to avoid them. If you notice similar themes in someone else's posts, you're encouraged to report it, even if you're uncertain.

    - Metagaming: Knowledge that your character should not reasonably have.

    - Godmodding: An overpowered character that cannot be defeated in battle or killed.

    - Powerplaying: Controlling another person’s character without their permission.

    - Retconning: Altering past events or character traits for your benefit.

    2. Comfort Level. We allow creative freedom here on MUS under the assumption that you hold deep respect for those around you, and in that regard we also understand that not everyone will be comfortable with the subjects we allow. That being said, we have a comfort level that everyone must apply to their character's profiles to be accepted, even if it's just Level 1 or 4 you need to have it displayed. There's also a box below the dropdown menu allowing you to blacklist the subjects that make you uncomfortable, regardless of what your level is.

    Level 1: You are not okay with sensitive or graphic subjects such as suicide, sex, violence, and death.

    Level 2: You are generally not okay with sensitive or graphic subjects, but only certain themes.

    Level 3: You are generally okay with sensitive and graphic subjects, but would appreciate a heads up before being involved in a scene.

    Level 4: You are okay with sensitive and graphic themes, and generally don't need a heads up.

    3. Humans. Though humans do exist in this world, you are not allowed to involve them in your roleplay or character backstory. There are still human relics left behind, such as a small town and an abandoned coal mine, but the humans have long since abandoned the river valley and they won't be coming back. The only ones that saw them last are long since dead, so there's no telling where they could've gone or what drove them out, though if the mine shafts are anything to go by, it was probably a mining town that was abandoned after it exhausted its use.

    4. Plotting. For the sake of immersion and to make things more interesting, OOC plotting will be heavily limited. You can plan for your characters to meet up, plan out a preexisting family for your character, and plot out a rough outline of how you want the dynamic between two characters to go, but you cannot plot out how your characters will interact and you cannot plot out your character's future.* We encourage you to play off of one another's posts, though, to make things flow more naturally and unexpectedly.

    * The only time this rule can be ignored is when you're giving other players a heads up. A good rule of thumb is that if the action your character wants to commit might impact others negatively, then its a good idea to go over it with the payers of said characters first.

    5. Timeline. Every season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) will be 3 IRL months, with a new IC year after every winter.

    6. Images. Drawn images, real images, and manips are all fine, but you must have a full body reference of your characters, and designs must be accurate to your character’s genotype. And if you use a real image, you MUST credit the original photographer.

    7. Writing style. We have no character limit and prefer quality over quantity, but we prohibit the usage of asterisk roleplay (*runs across the forest*), txt speech (l0l diez), and wolfspeak (Yikes. More examples.) Second and first person POV's, though, are not permitted, and all posts are to be written in the third person.

    8. Wait times. Every character must go through a 2 (IRL) week period without breeding/claiming land/starting a pack/location and subarea creation to prevent puppy farming and rushing. However, your character can still travel with other dogs and partake in romantic scenes so long as they steer clear of their prohibitions. There are further requirements for breeding/claiming land/starting a pack, but after your character has been in the game for more than 2 (IRL) weeks, they're free to do as they please.

    9. Character limit. There is no character limit, however new members are limited to 2 characters for their first 2 IRL weeks. You can have as many characters as you can reasonably play, but after a season goes by and your characters haven't been active, you'll be messaged to discuss what to do with them as to not clog the roster.

    10. Rosters. The rosters seen on the side panel are to count how many females and males currently populate the world, and how many individuals are within a breed category. Before making your character you should consult the rosters to keep the world diverse, although you're not required to.

    12. NPCs. NPC animals, such as prey and predators are permitted, but NPC dogs aren't allowed. Your character is allowed to have flashbacks about their family members, which is the only time you're allowed to have NPC dogs, but otherwise you reasonably shouldn't play two characters in the same post. A good rule of thumb is that if the NPC can speak, they shouldn't be involved.*

    * This rule can be ignored under certain circumstances, such as making your character into an NPC and allowing others to powerplay them in interactions while you're away.

    13. Wolves. There are wolves wandering around the River Valley, but you cannot play as one and they cannot breed with your dog (yet, someday, but under specific circumstances). The wolves speak a very different language than the dogs do and are very aggressive/much stronger than them, so they won't want to befriend your dog and may see them as competition.

    14. Magic/Supernatural occurences. Your dog cannot have powers and there cannot be any physical myths/cryptids, but there can be superstition and dogs can be religious/tell stories of supernatural beings, there can even be rumors about another dog being a witch/powerful in some way, they just can't literally be that.

    15. Travel. Your character is not allowed to jump all over the map, they should reasonably travel through each location in the map as they would normally. At a trotting speed, your character can clear one square (5 miles), and at a running speed, they can clear 6 squares (30 miles). Remember that your dog might also run out of stamina and need rest, so be realistic! Note that some time may pass between threads, so you're not required to travel through every single square to get to where you want to go, you can hop from one region to the next, but be realistic! Your dog can't be in the Elias Lowlands and suddenly teleport to the Blackburn River.

    16. Killing and death. You cannot kill another character without the player's expressed permission.* ** There is not yet a realistically explainable metric to bring your character back from the dead, so once they die, they're gone for good.

    * You cannot kill a character if the character you're trying to kill is also your character. This applies to kidnapping or some other action that will drag a character out of their current situation/environment/group.

    ** You cannot bring a character into the roleplay with the sole purpose of killing other dogs or killing particular dogs. They can become killers or have a vendetta/seek vengeance against another dog, but they cannot be created with the only goal of killing another dog.

    17. Underage content. P*dophilia is absolutely unwelcome on MUS all together, even in your character's inner monologue. However, once pups reach 10 months old they can start having romantic thoughts, but adults cannot reciprocate at all and the pups cannot act on their feelings.