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Month 3 (Spring), Year 1

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Official Opening + Caribou Migration

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    fortress of solitude
    coordinates: 53-81
    Far northwest of the rivers and the mountains was a cradle of peace, tucked up against sheer cliffs and seemingly guarded from the rest of the world. To Percy, it was an ancient relic, the rocks below his paws filled with stories and secrets that have withstood the test of time. Off in the distance, Percy could hear the soft swoosh of a waterfall, cascading into the lowlands below, the grandchild of the tumultuous flood that no doubt carved this place out. Truly a marvel of the gods, and an excellent example of their craftsmanship.

    Combing his tongue over his whiskers, Percy mused about how his sisters might feel about the place. Selene would've appreciated it for its solitude, Demetra would be marveling it for its beauty, and Lena, the leader of their little pack, would've seen it as the perfect fortress - isolated, naturally defended. She was always a bit of a commander, just like their father, though he didn't exactly appreciate her imitation. War tactics are unbecoming of a young lady. He would've said, but she never listened.

    Carefully stepping onto the ledge, Percy peered down at the downward slope below, a considerable fall, so he was quick to back away from the edge. A fortress of solitude indeed. If only he had someone to admire it with... It would be a fine place to settle down, if only he could just get to the bottom of it without breaking a leg. That would be a challenge to tackle after he rested, but for now, he sat and admired the view, the branches of the river that flowed through the lowlands catching the light of the sun like silver scars. Stunning.
    Somewhere around the nearby bushes, the sound of something being dragged could be heard. A large white dog with gray patches scattered here and there was pulling what looked like a piece of old junk from a time long gone across the grass. She had found it along the edge of the cliff somewhere and was determined to bring it with her. Upon spotting another dog in the area, she attempted to shift the object to her back to make it easier to carry in case a quick getaway was necessary. Keeping her eyes on the canine watching the view, she would attempt to sneak by undetected but such feats were proven difficult by her haul.
    The scratching jolted Percy right out of his trance and sent a shock of adrenaline through him, because what on this godly world would make such an unnerving sound? Percy whirled around, and discovered that in fact, a dog could make that sound, or perhaps whatever she was dragging with her made that sound.

    "What..." He blinked, his brain unable to come up with a proper sentence for this scenario. On one hand, it was good to know the valley wasn't abandoned by his kind, but on the other hand... What was she carrying? "What is that?"

    Yes, a good question. Probably not the most polite way to greet someone for the first time, but this wasn't exactly a conventional meeting.
    The large canine froze for a moment, but upon realizing she wasn't in any danger she let the object slide off her back and assumed a friendlier posture. "Its some old junk left behind by the old ones. Or at least other dogs would call it junk. I call it treasure. I collect this stuff!" She replied. The object in question was round and mostly flat. It had a black outer ring and an inner part that looked like it could have been shiny once, but was now worn with age. "I don't know exactly what it is but its fun to chew on." The dog added.

    Sitting down now, she perked up a little as a crucial detail to conversation was suddenly remembered. "OH, i should probably introduce myself. I'm Magpie! I live in the area."
    The old ones. Percy never put much thought into that old wive's tale, to him it was always a story, a mystery told to him to keep his mind enriched with culture. The part of the valley he was whelped in showed little signs of their activity, but there was always an odd smell on the air, a damp, coppery smell that his father told him was a sign of the old ones. Their imprint upon the world.

    The thing the dog was carrying stank, but it was a stench he'd never had the displeasure of smelling before. "It reeks," he wrinkled his nose, but curiosity drew him in closer. As it slid off the dog's back, it had made a hefty thunk upon impact with the ground, but there was a bounce to it before it settled, causing his ears to perk with interest. "What does it taste like?"
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    Upon spotting another dog in the area, she attempted to shift the object to her back to make it easier to carry in case a quick getaway was necessary. Keeping her eyes on the canine watching the view, she would attempt to sneak by undetected but such feats were proven difficult by her games
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