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    Essay in English: tips for writing
    Writing an essay is one of the components of international English exams, and it is also a rather popular assignment at foreign universities and colleges.

    Is domyhomework123 legit? For you, it's a way to express your thoughts and demonstrate mastery of the topic, and for the instructor, it's a way to check for logical reasoning, knowledge of grammatical rules and vocabulary, and a sense of language. Despite the fact that the essay can be written quite freely, there are some techniques, applying which you can cope with the task much faster and more successfully.

    A few practical tips
    • Determine the topic. If essays are your college or university assignment, it's likely that you can choose the topic of the paper or the angle under which to consider the problem on your own. Free topics may also be present on exams. Determining the topic yourself is a big plus, because you can write about what you are good at. In general, the requirements for this paragraph are to find a problematic issue that could potentially pique the reader's interest.
    • Don't forget about the characteristics of a good essay. It should clearly express your views without deviating from the topic, be concise and logically structured, with no grammatical or spelling errors.
    • Use an extra piece of paper. This is where you can write down ideas that came to you while you were doing your work. Ask if the class or exam format allows for this.
    Typical structure
    As a rule, the following structure is used when writing an essay in English:

    1. introduction,
    2. main body,
    3. conclusion.

    Let's take a closer look at each of the blocks.

    The introduction should contain a brief description of the problem, an example from your own life, the words of great people - any introductory thoughts on the problem - and the main thesis of your work. The introduction usually takes two or three sentences. Its purpose - to entice the reader, cause him desire to read the text in full.

    The main part consistently proves your point of view expressed in the introduction. It is better to divide the content of the essay into several paragraphs according to different aspects of the problem. Firstly, it will show that you know how to structure your thoughts, and secondly, it will make the work of the checker or the reader much easier. This block welcomes the use of statistics, various quotations, facts, descriptions of illustrative examples from life - anything that will help you prove your own point of view, which you stated at the beginning.

    The conclusion again emphasizes the main thesis of the essay, allows a brief listing of the main arguments, proves the correctness of the arguments.

    Related Resources:

    Sample outline of an essay
    How to write a text
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