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    What is a social studies essay?
    Philologists and literary scholars distinguish the following genre features of an essay:
    • The presence of a specific topic or question;
    • personal nature of the perception of the problem and its comprehension;
    • small volume;
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    • free mastery of the topic;
    • multidimensional view of the phenomenon;
    • internal semantic unity;
    • consistency of the key theses and statements, consistency of those judgments in which a personal position is expressed.
    These features are also characteristic of an essay on social studies, but its specificity is manifested in the fact that the work is performed on a specific problem related to a particular section of social studies, i.e. one of the six basic humanities: philosophy, economics, sociology, social psychology, political science, law.

    The purpose of the essaybox essay is to reveal the meaning of the statement, as well as to present and substantiate one's own position. The arguments are social science terms and concepts, theoretical statements and conclusions, as well as facts from social or personal experience.

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    The plan for writing an essay is as follows: (step by step)
    How to write a social studies essay
    Tips on how to write a social studies essay
    Structure of the social studies essay
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