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    Be original

    Individuality is one of the most important aspects of writing an essay for U.S. universities. It is essential that your work be memorable to the admissions committee. It is not easy to do, but remember that there is one secret weapon, the only and unique one! That weapon is you! The task of writing unemployed professors review to U.S. universities faces all applicants, and to get the best result you should use your own experience, something that will make you stand out among thousands of applicants and show your individuality. Prepare your essay carefully and try to relate it to your own life. You can do this even when the topic seems to have nothing to do with you. Try to avoid obvious answers and approach the topic of the essay creatively.

    Be passionate

    You have to be passionate and confident to convince someone that you are the best of the group, and if you can "sell" yourself worthily, consider the tuition grant in your pocket! Those who will make the decision to take you on or not want to be sure that you will take on your studies with enthusiasm and dedication and benefit the university. People who care deeply about something are people who set clear goals and work hard to achieve them. Let your passion manifest itself regardless of the topic. Most essay topics are very varied, giving students the opportunity to write about what they really love. So, dive deeper into the issue and find a way to relate specifically to you and your life to the topic.

    Be honest

    Pretending isn't going to get you anywhere. Make every effort to find an original and non-trivial approach to the essay topic. Then write your essay in a way that presents your story in a positive way, while staying true to who you really are. Sometimes it may seem like a good idea to exaggerate your accomplishments to give the admissions committee a good impression of you, but as practice shows, this has the opposite effect. Specialists who check essays are smart, experienced people, and they will understand if your work looks like fiction. On the other hand, you should not underestimate yourself and your accomplishments. It's important to find a balance and not overstep the line.

    Be eloquent

    No one likes a boring story-including admissions officers! You need to do your best to make your essay not seem monotonous and mediocre! It should hold the university committee's attention until the very end. Use descriptive writing to bring your words to life from the pages and help the reviewers touch, taste, see, and feel your story and understand why it is special.

    Be positive

    Going to college or university in the United States is a positive and optimistic step toward the future, and your essay should have that same attitude. Do not try to impress the college admissions committee with your caustic or sarcastic attitude. Criticizing society for its stupidity is perfectly acceptable on your personal blog or social media page, but the scholarship committee will not want to be responsible for broadcasting your negativity to the educational world. Remember, optimism is the key to the human heart.

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